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QwikZite at a glance
Access procedures
General functions
Menu Sitestyle
Menu Page
Menu Button
Menu News
Menu Link
Menu Foto
Menu File
Menu Topic
Menu Defaults
Structure of the site
Working with sitestyles
Working with buttons
Limitations of the web
Working with fonts
Working with colors
Working with images
Working with backgrounds
Working with sizes
Working with HTML
Working with webtext
The first steps


The QwikZite Users Manual is meant for starters and advanced users.
The manual therefore contains information for users who want to make a quick start, as well as more extensive documentation for reference.

The following subjects are covered in this manual:
  • QwikZite at a glance
    A short summary of the major features of QwikZite.

  • Explanation of user menus
    A description of the common functions in Qwikzite and explanation of the individual menus.
    For each menu, short introductory information about the function is provided, a number of points for attention are indicated (generally meant for the 'webeditor' of the site), and explanatory notes to the input fields are listed with possible cross-references.

  • Structure of the site
    Guidelines for the navigation structure and functional design of the site.
    The pages 'Working with buttons' and 'Working with sitestyles' explain how to make a simple website with one set of buttons and one sitestyle in a very easy way.
    As well, the ins and outs of developing a more complex site are covered.

  • The rules of the web
    In 'Limitations of the web' and the following series of buttons, the potentialities, limitations and peculiarities of webpublishing are covered.
    The pages provide comprehensive information about various matters you will have to deal with when developing your website.

  • The first steps
    Any start is difficult. 'The first steps' shortly explains how to make an easy start with QwikZite.


Latest changes in this manual
Logo and title images in version 1.10
In version 1.10 of QwikZite, the logo images in the LOGO LEFT AREA and LOGO RIGHT AREA, as well as the title image in the TITLE AREA, are no longer automatically resized but displayed in real size.
Developed with QwikZite (version 1.12)